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Flow racking manufactured by Twinload Automation. This rear loading side set up is where pallets are loaded from the rear, and the racking is pitched to the front and a slight angle. There are pallet brakes to slow the pallets as they roll to a controlled positive stop at the front of the racking. This racking has provisions for double stacked loading and each bay can hold 10 pallets for a total of 20 pallets per double stack bay. The racking is split into 3 sections. Total width of all sections is 87 Ft.

1. 32’ wide / 12’ high / 41’ deep
a. 7 sections (10 high, 10 low)
b. Total of 140 pallets

2. 32’ wide / 12’ high / 41’ deep
a. 7 sections (10 high, 10 low)
b. Total of 140 pallets

3. 23’ wide / 12’ high / 41’ deep
a. 5 sections (10 high, 10 low)
b. Total of 100 pallets

Total pallet capacity across 19 double stacked bays – 380 pallets, set for front offload side where pallets are rolled towards the front of the racking through gravity, slowing about every 4’ until stopped by the angle brackets mounted at the end of the run. These brackets hold back the bottom layer of wood on the pallet.

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