*SOLD* Kaps-All Fills – All, Model 10 Head

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One Used Kaps-All Fills-All Model VOL-32-4 Stainless Steel Piston Filler – – With Ten (10) 2 inch Diameter X 9 long Stainless Pistons, Adjustable Stroke, 24 inch Diameter X 28 Deep S/S Supply Tank, 32 inch Long X 4 Diameter Stainless Steel Manifold, Ten (10) 3/8 Diameter Stainless Drip Proof Filling Nozzles, Filler fed by Timing Screw, Multi-Stroke Capabilities liquid/cream filler, unit comes with 10- 8 oz pistons with non-drip nozzles, unit has a screw feed with indexing. Manuals included.

GPI Equipment
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