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ONE NEW NEVER USED Process Formation Skid with CIP and Cooling Exchanger: THIS PROCESS SKID IS MANUFACTURED BY IPEC. The operating capacity is 50 liters and max. capacity is 55 liters and flow rate is 900 Gallons per hour, Process formulation skid consists of the following, Instrumentation and valves per the component listing, Structural framing and manifold, connection piping, insulated, Electrical and pneumatic budget, instrumentation wiring and pneumatics connected to customer supplied PLC cabinet(s), FAT/ ABC Standard IQ/QQ and documentation packaged, Conducted at ABC 250L ‘Formulation’ Tank: 316L SS, 24” OD, Insulated with Cooling HTS Jacket, 150L ‘Sterile Holding’ Tank: 316L SS, 18 OD, Insulated with cooling HTS Jacket, Agitators, Dissolution & Circulation’ respectively, Tank Vent Filters, ABC Part #USI01-QT25802-1, X.5-GS-20E-VTX-DTC, Process Refilter and Process Sterile Filters; ABC Part #UST01-QT25802-2, X1-GS-20E-GP, Cooling Exchanger IPEC CIP

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