Heat Tunnel – NEW

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One NEW heat shrink tunnel. Manufactured by Marburg. Model CR6000-MDAll Stainless Steel Construction-Flow-through ventilation. This productive unit uses standard PVC heat-shrink stock on a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes for tamper-evident packaging. The tunnel is a totally enclosed unit with dual controls, for greater flexibility. It operates on 240 VAC and uses two 3000 Watt Cal Rods as the heat source. With flow through ventilation, hot air is used to lock the band in place and radiant heat is used for finish shrink. The compact unit is only 22 inches long, which eliminates the need for a lengthy conveyor. Your in-house staff using standard tools easily does installation. Comes complete with mounting brackets. DATA SHEET HEAT TUNNEL Volt: 240 VAC Amps. 30 A Phase: 1 Freq.: 50/60 Hz Power: 6000 W Length: 22 inch. Height: Height Adjust: 10 inch. Base: Stainless Steel Other Spec: GMP FAN MOTOR

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