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One pre owned cottoner manufactured by Deitz. Pharmafill Model CS 1. The CS1 Cotton Inserter converts cotton or synthetic coil into short lengths, forms these lengths into an inverted U shape and inserts them into bottles. First, the coil is pulled apart into a short length by feeding through two pairs of pinch rollers. This short piece is then folded and inserted up into a tube, forming the inverted U. The tube then moves over the bottle and the piece is inserted down into the bottle. The CS1 boasts several innovations which make it superior to other cottoners, including spring loaded rollers which feed almost any size or grade of cotton or synthetic coil without adjustment, exclusive cotton fingers which center the piece before it is inserted up into the tube, and a stepper-driven four-tube turret for smooth operation. Handles most weights and grades of continuous coil material. Works with cotton, rayon, and polyester. Produces piece lengths from 2 inches to 9 inches (inverted-U shape). Inserts one piece or many (up to 10 pieces per bottle). Produces a maximum of 60 to 90 pieces per minute. Selectable fully automatic or manual modes. Microprocessor control with flat panel operator interface. Clear plastic front guard with safety interlock. Contact parts made of 304 stainless steel, polycarbonate, or acetal. Includes No Cotton sensor to prevent unfilled bottles. Includes full auto-indexing sensor and gating for conveyor line. Conveyor not included. Includes variable height lift platform (manual adjustment). 115 volt, 1.2 AMP

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