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One pre owned electrical oven. Manufactured by Gruenberg in 1999 Model C65H450SS. Unit is made of stainless steel construction in and out with single swing door and positive type latch. Heating elements and circulating fan are mounted above the work area in a protected chamber. Heated air is circulated horizontally. There is a forced fresh air inlet with hepa filter and a hepa filter on the exhaust stack. There are magnehelic gauges on both hepa filters. Unit comes equipped with a partlow mic 6000 programmable digital indicating temperature controller, watlow 145 non-indicating over temperature control and honeywell dr 4500 round chart recorder mounted in a panel on the right side. Maximum temperature 650 degrees F. Size: Inside dimensions are 36 W X 36 L X 60 H. Outside dimensions are 79 W X 51 L X 111 H. Electric: 480V, 3 Phase, 36kWh. Stainless steel oven cart. Size Outside dimensions are 28W X 33 L X 46 H fabricated stainless steel roll in cart with 23 slots for trays, 1.5 between trays. 14 trays included. Tray size 25.25 X 33 X 1.

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