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One preowned Nuaire Model no. NU-806-400, mfg—1995, Volts–115 Cycles–60 Phase–1Amps–10. Personnel Protection for handling of low to moderate risk materials . The 806 features a 100 LFPM air barrier protection with an 8″ access opening, and is completely self-exhausting. Easy Cleaning, coved corner, removable work surface, Front Filter Removal for easier maintenance. Movable Hinged Glass view screen for easier and better visual access. The 806 is suitable as a small animal necropsy work station or other operations where the “reverse airflow” is used to protect the operator. Because room air is allowed to flow over the work tray, the cabinet does not provide a sterile environment for work in process. Standard Features: Large Exhaust HEPA Filter, Stainless steel Gas-tight Construction Fluorescent Light, Plugged Connections for Two Service Valves, Magnehelic Gauge, Removable Work Tray.

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