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One used Homogenizer Manufactured by Mizuho in 1999 Model VT-1-1000. Unit has a 1000L tank, Agitation System: Upper Triple Mixer, Paddle Mixer Scraping Mixer Ultra Mixer, Lid Opening System: Hydraulic Elevating System, Product Discharge: Auto Tilting & Bottom Valve, Temp. Control: Auto Temp Control, Heating: Hot Water, Cooling: Cooling Water, Control System: Program Control System, Instruments: Recorder, digital program controller, auto temperature indicating controller, tachometer, ammeter, vacuum gauge, Total Volume: 1000 L, Useful Volume: 560 L, Material: Product Contact part: SUS316L (electro-polished) Jacket, outer insulation: SUS304 (#250 buffing), Frame & Cover etc: SUS304 (hairline finishing), Others SS41 & FC, Control Panel: SUS304, Motor KW (Total 36.7KW), Paddle Mixer 2.2KW, 3hp, Scraping Mixer 5.5KW, 7 ½ hp, Ultra Mixer 22KW, 30hp, Oil Hydraulic Pump 5.5KW, 7 ½ hp, Tilting Motor 1.5KW, 2hp, Voltage: 3Ph 480V 60Hz. All manuals and drawings included.

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