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ONE USED Kalish Swiftpack 24 Lane Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counter. Consists of 2- 12 Channel, 3 tray counters, mounted over and integrated with a 22′ L. Dual Lane S/S sanitary conveyor with indexing. Unit is entirely made of Stainless Steel. Each counter comes with a product hopper, Syntron vibrators which sit under the trays, vacuum pick-off, discharge funnel,12 optical counting heads and fully integrated control panel which can be set for speed, count, pre-count, and vibrator settings, over count detection, container back up, no bottle or no air. Capable of speeds from 80-100 BPM of 100 count, depending on product Electric’s:1/60/120 volts. Machines set up and calibrated by IMA in 2013.
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