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BOSCH BLISTER MACHINE MODEL TLT 1400 S SERIAL NUMBER 807299 MS 800502 W. This unit was manufactured in 2005.

Unit can produce speeds up to 400 blisters per minute.

Blister width from 30 to 90 MM

Blister length from 60 to 145 MM

Maximum depth of draw: 12 mm

Currently running a 3-inch x 2.5-inch blister.

Running PVC blister with Alu lidding. Unit has Blister Product Feeder (Linear Feeder with Vibratory Control) Hapa 230 PRINTER SCANWARE Color Product Inspection System Maxpro Technologies vacuum air booster (Increases mechanically the plant air pressure from 90 psi to 160 psi) For increased forming pressure.

All stainless-steel enclosure and stainless-steel lines (GMP Design) 6’ Long discharge conveyor 6” Wide belt

Servo Controlled Outfeed Belt, designed for 2UP outfeed with Reject Station Neslab HX 150 recirculating temperature controller Aftermarket Guarding and Handles

GMP Design and eliminated all GLASS doors on the machine, comes with New Set of Tooling for Bosch TLT 1400 consist of,

Product Capsule size 00 Blister Size: 50 X 80 MM Pack Layout, Description Format Number F32390, Bosch TLT1400 Blow Form With Plug Assist, Bosch TLT1400 Pattern Form, Bosch TLT1400 Tracking Full Set, Bosch TLT1400 Tracking Dancing Roller before filling station, Bosch TLT1400 Seal Roller Including Contour Block, Bosch TLT1400 Index – Roller, Bosch TLT1400 Code Tool, Bosch TLT1400 Punch Out Tool D2 Including Lowering Device.

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